Being the seventh of eight siblings, making people laugh is a natural skill Fergus has been developing since early childhood...
In 1984 he joined Wellington-based company Mime International,  soon embarking on extensive touring of NZ schools and festivals. At the tender age of 19, Fergus’s first overseas adventures saw him performing  behind the iron curtain in Moscow and northern Poland. Living in London throughout the late 1980s enabled Fergus to experience world class comedy, visual theatre and cabaret. Developing  skills as a street entertainer at London’s Covent Garden, he also performed at various UK and European street festivals. Being catapulted into unlikely opportunities across the globe from early in his career set an exciting precedent in Fergus’s perception and passion for physical performance and comedy. This has also meant numerous opportunities to work and train with noted directors and teachers, artists and companies. 


Fergus has continued to find remarkable experiences around the planet in over 15 countries. His travels and experiences throughout a varied career as an artist, educator and corporate presenter - working solo and in collaboration with many other professionals - have led him to develop a philosophical approach to life and a passion for creative opportunities. 


Based in his home town of Wellington, three beautiful children have taught Fergus infinitely more about celebration, presence, theatre and comedy than any amount of 'work' could ever prepare him for. Today his passions include humans and the spaces between them.


Offering a range of entertainment services, including exisiting shows and characters adaptable to theatre, cabaret and special events, Fergus is in demand as a corporate presenter and comic entertainer - also recognised as a leading teacher of mime and physical theatre.


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